Christian Music Guys

The podcast for Christian Music fans, by Christian Music fans! We get to hear the stories of your favorite songs and hear the heart behind the artists.

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Matthew West

"The Christian Music Guys Podcast is great. 
I love these guys."

Thanks guys!

"Great podcast. I normally don’t listen to podcasts but this one peeked my interest. Thanks for giving me something new to listening to."

Best music podcast!

"Hey there, love the show! My favorites have been, Michael W Smith, kel from Nickelodeon, Matthew west, well pretty much all of them! Excited for your alls future, keep up the good work!"

One of my favorites!

"I always look forward each episode. I love how they interview artists who I grew up listening to, but also newer artists that I enjoy listening to today. The brothers are great interviewers and it’s always great to hear the heart behind the songs the artists sing."

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About Christian Music Guys

We are three brothers who love Christian music and all entertainment that impacts lives for Jesus. We started this podcast to talk about all the music we grew up listening to and it quickly evolved into getting the opportunity to speak with all those artists and even new emerging artists. We are humbled and blessed by what we get to do in letting you, the listener, hear the heart behind what each artist is singing and also living through at the moment.

We’ve charted consistently in the Top 100 podcasts in music commentary category in the US. Christian Music Guys has risen as high as #10 on Apple Podcast in the music commentary category.

Thank you for listening and supporting the show!

Jacob, Jesse, & Chris

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